Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy supports children to gain confidence and skills in self care activities, play  and classroom tasks such as writing. It also helps children understand why they may react differently to touch, movement, sound and other sensations in their daily life. OT can help identify and find solutions for regulation, executive functioning and some behavioural responses.


Speech And Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy assists children who have challenges with listening and understanding, communicating effectively and oral motor skills such as feeding.

Educational Support Services

Our educational support consultants assist children who are struggling with academic skills such as literacy and math.


Counselling can be helpful for a child who is experiencing emotional or behavioural dys-regulation, or needs support coping with difficult circumstances.


Educational Psychology Services

Educational Psychology primarily deals with children and youths within the backdrop of the educational setting. It provides help for those who are experiencing learning differences in school through the investigation and identification of their specific learning needs, with the end goal of enhancing their learning potential.

Creative Therapy

These individual sessions help children develop creative, emotional and cognitive skills, based on the child’s individual needs. Sessions help build visual spatial skills, self-expression and confidence in fine motor skills and imagination. Sessions are designed in close collaboration with parents.