Kaleidoscope was established in 1999, making us one of the longest running private therapy centres in Singapore. 

We have a team of dedicated and committed professionals, who have come together to provide for the emotional, developmental, and social needs of your child. 

Our team will endeavour to work closely with both the family and other professionals involved in your child's well being. We work in a large, child friendly clinic designed specifically for therapy purposes.




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Physiotherapy services now available

We have spaces available in our Early Intervention Program called Ready Lets Go


Kaleidoscope is turning 20 years old this year

Rather than the diagnosis or condition, the important point is that if the child is struggling with either a motor, sensory, social, communication, or emotional challenge that is affecting their ability to succeed in performing necessary tasks, then we can help.

Kaleidoscope offers a wide range of services under one roof. Our therapists work in close collaboration to address the needs of the children that we see.