B.Sc Communication Sciences and Disorders (Biola University, USA)

M.Sc Speech Pathology (Curtin University, Perth)

Caleb Lai

I trained as a Speech Therapist at Curtin University, Perth, receiving a Master of Speech Pathology. I have conducted assessments and intervention for children with speech and language delay, stuttering, and voice disorders.



I have also experience with children with diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorder and global development delay in schools, clinics, and hospitals.


Though I am new to my profession, I am a passionate and committed to develop my skill set in speech therapy through the mentorship and guidance within Kaleidoscope's team.


Collaborating with other professionals, such as occupational therapists, educational psychologists, and teachers, allows me to deliver the highest quality of care to each and every child, based on their individual and specific needs.


Partnering with caregivers is another crucial element in achieving therapeutic success as goal setting is most effective when done collaboratively. Ultimately, my desire to make effective communication an accessible and achievable skill for every child.