Qualifications & Courses:

  • Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology

  • Hanen Certified

  • Talk Tools Trainined

  • DIR/ Floortime

  • Social Thinking by Michelle Garcia Winner

  • Basic and Advance Training in the Picture Exchange Communication System

Charisse Evangelista

I am Charisse, a Speech and Language Therapist originally from the Philippines.  I started my career in 2004 in private therapy clinics and special education preschools where I had a wonderful journey with different clients and their families who along the way had touched my heart deeply.


What keeps me passionate about this profession are the memories I gather.  From witnessing a child eat their first solid food without spitting them out,  celebrating a toddler' s first word with parents, listening to their experiences, transiting that young child to preschool to integrating that little learner to the "big school" where he spends long years of his academic life.


As I grow and learn together with my clients came the understanding that in the real world, the child's ability to read, spell, write and speak are not enough.  Most of the children that I work are in the mainstream schools and are trying their best to cope despite being often labeled as "inattentive", "forgetful", "disorganized", "shy", "confused"  and "hesitant". The sad reality is that most of these children struggle because they have difficulty making sense of the information around them. With adequate support and training their struggles might be lessened.


Attaching meaning to the information from the environment and responding to these information in a purposeful manner may seem automatic to a lot of people. However, these are challenging for the children I work with. The multi faceted nature of social exchanges given the subtleties,  unwritten rules abstract nature of interaction conversations often leaves these children perplexed in the social world. Taking notes, reading,  participating in classroom discussion, working in groups, watching movies and even chatting with friends may be tricky for these children.


For this reason, my passion lies in working with pre-school and school age children  to help them maximize their learning potential and support them in their academic and social needs as these areas contribute largely in their development as individuals. I am a firm believer that each child is created uniquely with their own sets of limitations and gifts. While these can't be changed, focusing on limitations will only put them in boxes but exploring their gifts will open countless doors.