Professional Degrees

  • Master of Science degree in Pedagogical Science (Child Development and Special Education), 2012 University of Amsterdam

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Pedagogical Science (Child Development and Special Education), 2009 University of Amsterdam


Training & Certificates

  • Certificate in Expressive Therapies with Children and Adolescence

  • Training in Social Thinking Concepts


Professional Associations

  • Member of the Dutch Association of Child Development and Education (NVO)

Claire Nemchik

I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Pedagogical Science (Child Development and Special Education) from the University of Amsterdam in 2012. The degree included psychology, diagnostics, treatment principles, psychopathology in children and adolescents and counselling. My degree qualifies me to both assess and to provide treatment.


Since coming to Singapore in 2015, I have worked in private practice settings as a counselor and a behavioural specialist. I have worked with children with diagnoses such as attention deficit disorder, autism, oppositional defiant disorder and anxiety disorder as well as with children with challenges relating to self-esteem, anger, social ability and grief and loss.


My role at Kaleidoscope is providing individual therapy, counseling and group programs for children with behavioural, emotional and developmental challenges. I have a special interest in running programs that help children to develop and expand their social skills.


I strongly believe that it’s essential to focus on the strengths of the child and to use these as a starting point in the treatment process. As a child does not live in a bubble, the family and school play a crucial role in a child’s life and development. As such the parents and teachers should be included in the treatment process.


During the last year of my Master’s education, I spent 6 months at the Child Development Institute (CDI) in Toronto. Here I was involved in the group treatment of children with behavioural challenges and was trained in the use of SNAP and Act & Adapt, which are evidence-based and internationally recognized programs based on cognitive behavioral therapy. After returning to The Netherlands, I continued to incorporate these programs into my work with children. I was also involved in research and held clinical roles providing assessment and counselling.


Prior to coming to Singapore, I worked in public and school environments where part of my role was to conduct testing that included the WISC, SON-R and psycho-diagnostic assessments. I also provided individual therapy, group therapy and individual social skill training and provided counseling to children and their families.

Short explanation of Pedagogical Science (a title unknown outside or The Netherlands)

As the Dutch profession ‘orthopedagogiek’ (Pedagogical Science) does not have a precise equivalent in countries outside of the Netherlands, the following short explanation provides more information relating to the profession:


An ‘orthopedagoog’ studies how learning, developmental and behavioral challenges manifest in children and adolescents. Their training includes how to help children with serious issues such as depression, anxiety and aggression as well as addressing educational issues that may be caused by chronic illnesses, learning disabilities or abuse. They use standardized and non-standardized assessments, individual and group therapy and counselling in their work. They also provide advice and training to teachers and parents that are supporting the child. An orthopedagoog focuses on helping children achieve success in their typical environments including home, play and school.