What are the benefits of working with creative arts and play?

  • Helps build self expression and can support language and communication skills

  • Helps develop flexibility and imagination

  • Builds self confidence giving children a sense of control over their world

  • Can be an emotional outlet

  • Helps children develop co-ordination, dexterity and fine motor skills

  • Teaches children about different sensory experiences

  • Teaches children about symbols that develop thinking skills

  • Individual sessions and creative groups can help build social skills

  • Builds trust in being able to interact with the environment, self and others

  • Helps build visual memory and recognition of objects and patterns which helps with organisation


Most of all creative arts and play are the language of childhood learning and some children need support to access this.



Who would benefit from creative arts and play sessions?


  • Children who struggle to express themselves

  • Children who do not understand how to make friends

  • Children who lack self confidence and struggle with self esteem

  • Children who experience their sensory world in different ways

  • Children with communication difficulties who have difficulties interacting with objects, play and others

  • Children who need to learn fine motor skills and dexterity

  • Children with anxiety

  • Children who have challenges with concentration, focus and organisation

  • Children with no play skills

Developmental Art Therapy sessions

These individual sessions help children develop creative, emotional and cognitive skills, based on the child’s individual needs.


These sessions can help build visual spatial skills, self-expression and confidence in fine motor skills and imagination. Sessions are designed in close collaboration with parents. 

Individual Creative Arts and Play Sessions


After an initial assessment, looking at the unique sensory profile and individual development needs of the child, they work creatively in a safe therapeutic space.


Using play and creative arts, including storytelling, drama and visual arts to gain social, emotional and cognitive skills. Sessions are designed in close collaboration with the parents.