School Readiness Program (SRP)

School readiness programme is an initiative to support children with varying learning differences. Our individualised intervention plan supports our children facing academic challenges on the path of transitioning to a mainstream curriculum.


We provide support for pre-academic skills, literacy skills (Reading and Writing) and numeracy concepts, drawing on each child’s strengths and catering to their individual needs.


While learning in a structured environment, our students are also exposed to numerous sensory activities and fun games that target cognitive aspects of development such as visual discrimination, attention and memory retention.


Our activities aid our children in developing a fundamental foundation for the primary curriculum. Most children learn best through play. Incorporating their interests into our sessions allows for more effective learning. At KLTC, we believe in allowing our children to take the lead in their education to boost confidence and explore more learning opportunities.

Our school readiness program is carried out by Rachael Magdelene.



Rachael Magdelene - Senior special education teacher

- Master of Education in Inclusive and Special Education, Monash University 2017

- Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Intervention in Special needs, Ngee Anee Polytechnic, Singapore, 2016

-BSc Psychology, Edith Cowan University, 2011

-9 years of experience as a special education teacher

- Certificate in Autism 2016

-PECS Basic and Advanced course