Kim Nicolson

I am one of the directors of Kaleidoscope and I trained as an occupational therapist in my home country of Scotland. I have been living and working in Singapore since 1989 and have specifically focused on working with children since 1993. Over this time I have worked in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, specialized centres, and private practice.



In 1999, Suvi and I set up Kaleidoscope so that we could create our own vision of what we thought a great private therapy practice should look like. We felt strongly that Singapore would benefit from having a centre where parents had access to a range of different professionals and services under one roof. We believe that we have achieved that vision, but we are committed to continually striving to ensure that, as a team, we are aligned with current best practices, are truly client-centered and are genuinely working in partnership with the parents who entrust their childen to our services. We now have an incredible team of specialists who share their knowledge with each other and the community.

I am also the parent of an autistic teenager who is currently being home-schooled and am taking a break from actively seeing clients.