• BSc Speech Pathology

Liza (Isabel) Baccay

I am a speech and language therapist with over twenty-five years of clinical experience, and yet I still look for that “gleam in the eye” and those “a-ha!” moments for children, when they learn and connect.  It is truly magical.


I have a special interest in language development, speech sound disorders, social language and feeding difficulties.  I recognise the sensory component in my management programs. For instance, I understand that sensory processing affects body awareness, which affect the fluidity of gestures and speech – all of which are necessary ingredients for effective communication.  I believe that SLTs need to address these areas well. 


I see the children in individual sessions or in small groups, depending on their needs.  For example, if a child has developed the ability to ask and answer questions, take turns in play and focus on a shared activity for an extended period of time, then a small group would help their social language development. 


I believe that families are an integral part of the entire therapy process and I enjoy having family members in my therapy sessions!  Whilst they are spending time with me, I hope to make parents and families feel that they are equals and partners in my speech, language and feeding therapy sessions.


I look forward to meeting you around Kaleidoscope.