UK HCPC: OT15724

Member of British Royal College of OT 2020

Member of the World Federation  of OT 2020

Member of the Association of SI Practitioners 2020


ADOS - 2 certified  2018

SIPT certified 2013 

CO-OP certified 2017

AMPS 2011

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Olivia Lee

My name is Olivia. I graduated with a post-graduate Diploma in Occupational Therapy from London Southbank  University in 2005, and worked as an Occupational Therapist (OT) in London, UK until 2018.  My various roles have included working for the acclaimed paediatric Occupational Therapist Dr. Sidney Chu as a senior OT.  During this time, I learnt about the importance of carrying out evidence based practice that is fun and productive for children. I also learnt how to deliver occupational therapy that empowers families, and creates confidence and resilience. 


Most recently I worked for seven years at the Evelina London Children's Hospital and Community services, part of Guys and St Thomas NHS foundation, as a senior OT. 


In my last role there I was part of the diagnosis team for DCD (also known as dyspraxia). I have also led the ASD OT department and supervised junior staff there. I have worked with children diagnosed with CP, including splinting, seating and adaptation of the environment. I have designed and delivered OT services to mainstream and specialist schools, and both primary and secondary schools. 


I have worked in private clinics including Harley Street Practices in London, mainly providing Sensory Integration treatment.  Prior to that I worked as an OT at the renowned South London and Maudsley NHS trust, in both adult and children's mental health services.


Before my life as a British OT,  I studied for a Masters Degree in Sociology at The University of Manchester, UK. I loved this, because  human behaviour, in all it’s various forms, has fascinated me since I was a child.