FAMILY–CENTEREDNESS: We respect each other’s family commitments and strive take these into account. We include parents of the children in all phases of decision-making, from goal setting to participating in the treatment process of monitoring progress.


HONESTY: we are truthful and sincere with one another as well as with the children, parents, colleagues, teachers, professionals as well as suppliers we are dealing with.


INTEGRITY: We connet from the heart, say what we mean, follow through what we promise, and stand for what is right.


RESPECT: We treat others with dignity and fairness, appreciating the diversity of our staff and the uniqueness of each employee, child, family and professional.


RESPONSIBILITY: We accept accountability for our actions. We make thoughtful and wise choices and when we make mistakes, we make amends. We have the courage to speak up-without fear of retribution – and report concerns in the workplace, and seek clarification and guidance whenever there is doubt.


DEDICATION: We strive for and provide high quality service and seek training, mentoring and advice whenever needed to improve quality of our work. We are dedicated team members, working together closely and showing compassion to each other. We share our professional knowledge and experience willingly with each other and with students who are sent our way.


LIFE-LONG LEARNING: We are open to new methods and keep ourselves up to date with the latest research into our work. We embrace experiences within the team as well as with our clients and in our professions.


TIMELINESS: We deliver all services in a timely manner without delay, appreciating the fact that our clients should not be kept waiting. We respond to each other, to communications and tasks promptly, despite our “busyness”.


JOYFULLNESS: We enjoy the work we do and let it show. We have fun with each other and with the children and parents. We appreciate the gifts each day brings to us and are grateful for the opportunity to work purposefully.


ACCEPTANCE: We aim to be non-judging of ourselves and one another, forgiving of mistakes and celebrating successes. We understand the need for good will and compassion for both our work, clients, colleagues and ourselves and the importance of caring for the carer in order to offer our best to others.