• Doctor of Philosophy (Australia)

  • OT & Music Therapist (Finland)

  • M.Soc.Sc. in Counselling (Australia)

  • Certified in Sensory Integration

  • Certified in Samonas Sound Therapy & Therapeutic Listening

  • DIR - Floortime Certified (Advanced Level by ICDL)

Dr. Suvi Pitkola

I am an occupational therapist and a music therapist with a Masters's degree in counselling. I also completed my Ph.D. with the University of Melbourne in 2016. My research was about the use of Samonas Sound Therapy to improve the social interaction of preschool children with autism. Originally from Finland, I have lived and worked in Singapore since 1996. I came here in search of adventure on a short contract but ended up loving Asia and setting up Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre with Kim Nicolson in 1999.


I divide my time between Kaleidoscope and our sister company Mighty Oaks, an early intervention centre I started in 2010.  In Kaleidoscope my role includes therapist supervision and management duties whereas the bulk of my clinical work is currently done at Mighty Oaks.


I have a special interest in sensory integration and I am a Floortime provider with an advanced level certification from ICDL. My expert level training is in process and I mainly work through parent coaching. Another special interest area of mine is sound therapy.


I am proud of our wonderful team at Kaleidoscope! My aim is to have passionate, committed therapists and provide them with good support, training, and excellent resources so that they can offer the best possible service to their clients.