“Judith is a Gem! With her knowledge and wisdom, she handles, manages and coaches our son confidently, no matter what challenges he gives her! She provides opportunities for our son to discover the world around him. She allows him time and space to experience and sort things out by himself with gentle guidance along the way. Our son enjoys each and every of her lesson immensely!
"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart". That's Judith :)
We will like to express our utmost appreciation for her selflessness and for being such a flawless teacher! Thank you so much, Judith!"

“3 years ago, we were introduced to Liza to help my son with his speech problems.  Liza is an extremely flexible, skillful, resourceful and innovative therapist. She's full of passion helping her students. She knows how to catch a child's attention, how to engage a child in activity and how to distract a child when he/she is cranky. Under Liza's firm guidance, our son has been improving in a steady pace. From a non verbal little boy, my son is now able to do vowels, copy sounds, mimic gestures and say simple words. It is wonderful to see our son thrives under Liza's tender charge.
We will like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Liza for coaching our son and showering him with tremendous amount of love for the past few years. Her passion, selflessness and magnanimous heart are deeply appreciated by all of us. Thank you so much, Liza :)"